Learn Online Marketing the Right Way!

One of the biggest mistakes that about 99% of marketers make is that their desire to make money online leads them to be vulnerable to a wide range of “Shiny Objects.”

What are shiny objects? Marketers are masters at using ad copy to tug on your emotions and desires. They know exactly how to trigger you into pulling out that wallet to buy their new product offer. In reality, nearly all of the products fail within days or months. But because the prices are only about $37 to $67 most people just forget about them. I can say this because I’ve been there. I’ve purchased and tested these products.

To do this business properly, you need to have the focus and determination to do it properly and to screen out shiny objects. Get good at one system, then make it work for you.

To that end, I want to highly recommend that you invest in the Digistrore Academy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding The Right Mindset For Success.
  • What’s Direct Response Marketing?
  • What’s Affiliate Marketing?
  • Creating Offers And Building List.

You’ll learn everything about the Digistore platform and about how to make it work for you. With the longest cookies in the industry, Digistore is a no-brainer. The subscription is a modest monthly cost that can be canceled any time Once you feel you have it all ingrained in your head, cancel the subscription and go make money!

What Drives People to Use Solo Ads?

Depending upon how long you’ve been marketing, your experiences might differ. But if you’ve been around a while, then it’s very likely that you have had your share of issues dealing with Facebook. Facebook is a great ad platform, but since there is ZERO support or help at Facebook, you are totally on your own when it comes to ad design. Make a single mistake and you don’t just get denied! You get terminated!

It’s almost ironic that they call Facebook a “social network!” My experience is that they are an anti-social network. And that is exactly why people flock to Solo Ads in droves!

With Solo ads, you get your ad in front of customers who have already indicated that they are interested in your product! Any time you purchase clicks from us, you’ll get an optin rate that far exceed any other source. Over time, you will end up with a fairly massive list! If you treat that list well, it will pay you a life-long residual income! Our service differs from others in that we offer a full-service plan. We will only accept ads for landing pages that are clean and well designed and meet our strict recommendations for best practices. We won’t take you money otherwise.

We hope you will try our services out and grow with us!

The Simple Funnel System

Even one year ago things were more complicated than they are today. It just seems like people have become accustomed to seeing landing pages and buying products online. At the same time, people are busy and won’t read a ton of ad copy! When you join our system, here is what your SFS (Simple Funnel System) will look like.

Step #1: Find the right offer.

Step #2: Create your Landing Page

Step #3: Buy Solo Ads and wait for the sale to role in!

Obviously, it is a bit more complicated than that and it involves using some tools of the trade, but this is the essential roadmap. You’ll learn more after you become a client and join our Facebook group.